Wedding Ceremony

Sound:                              Dimitri Vermeulen

09:00am Walking in to...

The Shulammite...

Opening Song...

"What God has together.." Song no. 36

Opening prayer:                 W Howard Norton

Wedding talk:                    Russell J Norton

Marriage vows:                  Johan Leng

Witnesses for Marriage:      Kathleen A Norton & Riana Janse van Rensburg

Closing Song...

Now we are one... Song no. 87

Closing Prayer:                   Russell J Norton

Announcements:                Ivan Janse van Rensburg

Song 36

“What God Has Yoked Together”
(Matthew 19:5, 6)

1. With dignity and joy,
A threefold cord is bound.
With God and men to witness,
These sacred vows resound.
He vowed before Jehovah
To love her from the heart.


2. They both have searched God’s Word
To learn to do his will,
And now they seek his blessing,
Their promise to fulfill.
She vowed before Jehovah
To love him from the heart.

“What God has yoked together
Let no man put apart.”

(See also Gen. 2:24; Eccl. 4:12; Eph. 5:22-33.)

Song 87

Now We Are One
(Genesis 2:23, 24)

1. This is at last bone of my bone,
Flesh of my flesh; now I’m not alone.
God has provided a partner,
Someone to call my own.
Now we are one; now we can be
All that Jehovah made us to be.
As man and woman together, 
We are a family.
Ev’ry day we’ll serve our God above.
As he shows the way,
Unfailing love we’ll display.
As we have vowed, so may it be.
Seasons of joy, may we come to see.
Oh, may we honor Jehovah,
And may you always be my love.

(See also Gen. 29:18; Eccl. 4:9, 10; 1 Cor. 13:8.)