Welcome to our Wedding!              23 February 2013

Angelique Victorious
In the seemingly safe little town of Tulbagh, 
sinister things are happening....

Angelique doing her hair for the wedding:

Psycho Angelique

Morning Coffee & tea!


Venue for the ceremony:


Colour Scheme:

Black and blue

Venue of the reception:

The Tulbagh Kingdom hall (3 Plein Street, Tulbagh) is small, thus we request those that are young enough to stand, if necessary. Please bring sun protection.

Since our guests appreciate that marriage is a sacred institution, they will want to be present at the Kingdom Hall at 09.00 for the wedding ceremony; prior to fellowshiping at the reception.

We look forward to seeing all our guests at our reception, which will commence at 11:00. We will provide drinks; coffee, tea, water and juice etc. There will not be any alcohol permitted at the venue. Each family is invited to bring platter of whatever they choose to be placed on the table, be it muffins, scones or savouries of their choice, please inform us prior to the day as to what you will be bringing, you can enter it in our guest book. The bride and groom will begin to leave after 12:30pm.

Black, white and a little navy blue

2 Muller street, Tulbagh. There will be limited shade provided and it may be advisable to bring sun protection, hats or umbrellas, since it is out doors.